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Four Years. Three continents. One life-changing experience.   

A 25th team member in a black UNICEF T-shirt interacts with students on a field trip to Indonesia.
Jennifer Toby, The 25th Team member, interacts with students on a field trip to Indonesia. [© UNICEF/37A9879/Estey]

Women UNlimited is an exclusive circle of women who are committed to creating maximum impact for children. 

This exciting four-year philanthropic journey, beginning June 2019, follows the tremendous success of UNICEF’s previous giving circle, The 25th Team – a groundbreaking initiative of 60 influential women who invested $6-million in newborn and maternal health around the globe. Because of this compassion and commitment, 3.8 million women, babies and children will benefit from improved healthcare and access to birth registration in developing countries. 

It’s the collaborative effort, as women together, who are passionate about changing the lives of women, changing the lives of children, that will then change the world.

Stasia Schmidt, The 25th Team member, who has signed up to join Women UNlimited

UNICEF Canada 25th Team

UNICEF Canada is inviting 50 women to join the next cohort, Women UNlimited. 

Women UNlimited is an opportunity to showcase the power of women to lead and make a lasting difference for children in some of the world’s toughest places. Together, we will deliver sustainable, scalable and innovative education and nutrition solutions in countries where you can safely travel with UNICEF to learn about your impact firsthand. 

What does the journey entail?

Infographic for Women Unlimited journey: Learn, Travel, Network, and Advocate as part of this journey.

Global change starts with education

Education is every child’s right and drives equity, empowerment and economic growth for better futures. It equips children to contribute to their families, communities and countries. Education also has one of the highest returns on investment. For every dollar invested in education, $15 is returned in cost savings and economic growth. 

This is why Women UNlimited’s three programs will focus on each stage of the education process and impact more than 1 million children and their families.

A child plays and learns at an early childhood development center, supported by UNICEF, in Mongolia.
A child plays and learns at an early childhood development center, supported by UNICEF, in Mongolia. [© UNICEF/UN0253411/Pasquall]

Mongolia – Early childhood development

Mongolia faces unique challenges such as extreme weather conditions, air pollution, and a widely dispersed population – some with a semi-nomadic lifestyle. These challenges create persistent inequalities that limit progress and harm the most disadvantaged – especially children. 

With Women UNlimited, you will support innovative development of mobile kindergartens that will benefit 86,000 children directly and 210,000 indirect beneficiaries. These tent structures will have appropriate education, nutrition, water and sanitation facilities to help children under five learn, grow and thrive. 


Children read a notebook together in a local school in a settlement for workers in Bolivia.
Children learning at a local school in a settlement for workers. [© UNICEF/UNI7804/Pirozzi]

Bolivia – Primary education

Bolivia is home to 3.8 million children but 43 per cent still live in harsh poverty. Your investment will improve primary education access, quality, retention and learning outcomes for 470,000 girls and boys. Nutrition and water interventions will also help children develop healthier food habits and water, sanitation and hygiene practices to holistically help them reach their full potential.


Students sit at their desks in a Junior High School classroom in Ghana.
Students at a Junior High School in Ghana. [© UNICEF/UN0268614/Takyo]

Ghana – Secondary education

Around 1.3 million children aged six to 14 in Ghana, particularly girls, are not enrolled in school. Your financial commitment will directly benefit 83,000 adolescent girls and over 300,000 community members indirectly. Girls will be able to access, attend and complete junior high in safe, inclusive and gender-responsive learning environments. They will also benefit from improved STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, learning valuable skills to enter the workforce.

UNICEF Canada invites you to join Women UNlimited and be a part of this exciting new journey of engagement, learning, advocacy and influence that will change your life and leave a lasting impact for children. 

If you would like to sign up or need more information, contact womenunlimited@unicef.ca 

You can also learn more in our Case for Support.