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GFORCE are a musical group made up of Toronto-area girls. Following their appearance on America's Got Talent, they joined UNICEF Canada as ambassadors, helping to launch the newest iteration of the UNICEF Halloween campaign.

Halloween might be looking a little different this year but there’s no reason why you can’t still have fun – or do something to help other kids.

Last year, we joined UNICEF Canada as Halloween Heroes and we’re excited to share with you all the next phase of the UNICEF Canada Halloween campaign – the UNICEF Halloween Walk-a-thon!

This year the members of GFORCE will be walking our hood – and asking family and friends to sponsor us – to do some good for other children around the world, and we’d love for you all to join us in helping to make sure that every child has the right to a childhood.

To get you started, we put our heads together and came up with some fun and easy ways to start your Halloween Walk-a-thon journey.

#5 – Walk, Skip, Jog or Jump

It might sound super simple - especially for those of you who’ve done a Walk-a-thon before - just get out there and walk! But we also know there’s no one way to walk – maybe you want to jog around your block? Or try skipping the whole route. Maybe a silly walk like an animal? When planning your walking route, put your thinking cap on and decide if you want to walk, shimmy, run or dance your route – the choice is yours. You can even walk around your backyard or up and down your hallway if you want to stick closer to home!

#4 – Bring a (furry) friend

Everyone knows that dogs love to go for walks. So if you’ve got a puppy or dog at home, why not bring them on your walk with you? You walk your walk, they get some very important exercise, it’s a win-win. You could even incorporate them into your costume, which leads us to… 

#3 – Dress Up

Just because Halloween might look a little different this year, doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite costume out. We all love getting dressed up and decked out for Halloween and we hope that you do too. Will you be a princess, a superhero, a witch or a spooky ghost? No matter what costume you choose, you know that by taking part in the UNICEF Halloween Walk-a-thon, you’ll be a hero for children all around the world!

#2 – Make it a game

One of our favorite parts about walking around our neighbourhoods at Halloween is seeing all the cool and spooky decorations people put out. If you’re walking with a friend or with your family, why not play Halloween ‘I’ Spy? Or count how many jack-o-lanterns you see? There’s always a ton of things to look at while walking and we bet if you look closely, you might spot some decorations that no one else has.

#1 – Light the Way

This one takes some parental supervision – but it’s a great way to enjoy the truly spooky feeling of Halloween. You can complete your Walk-a-thon anytime but we love the idea of a nighttime walk, to see jack-o-lanterns and houses all lit up in the dark. Just make sure you bring an adult and you’re properly lit – either a flashlight or a light-up costume will do. Do you think you’ll spy any haunted houses or ghosts and goblins on your route?

To find out more about how to sign up for your personal Walk-a-thon fundraiser, visit unicef.ca/halloween and ask your parents to help you out. Oh and one final thing – make sure no matter what you come up with, you always Dream Big!  

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