It’s back to school this month for children and youth in Canada. For many children around the world, schools mean more than just a place for learning, it is a safe space to feel normal again. 

Here are some special snapshots of school-going children around the world.   


A girl in a blue uniform and UNICEF bag pack crouches next to a lamb in an outdoor setting, looking at the camera and smiling. In Balochinstan, Pakistan.
[© UNICEF/UN0802726/Sohail ]

Eight-year-old Maryam plays with a lamb outside a UNICEF supported transitional school in Hanna Urak, Quetta District, Balochistan. The area was affected by the recent floods in Pakistan, leaving many schools destroyed.  Transitional schools are set up by UNICEF to ensure children can continue their learning. 


A girl inside a classroom wearing a blue uniform sweater holds up an accessibility reader to her ear as she smiles in listens in Uganda.
[© UNICEF/UN0747861/Rutherford ]

Susan Atuhairwe (15) from St. Bernadette Primary school in Hoima, Uganda listens to a recorded lesson from a Victor reader. St. Bernadette Primary school is one of 20 schools in Uganda where technology-based design has allowed students with special needs access to reading materials. UNICEF in close collaboration with Ministry of Education and Sports is implementing an initiative that is focusing on developing accessible reading materials for the blind, visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing primary school children in 20 schools in Uganda.  


A mother leans next to her son in a wheelchair, both are smiling and looking at the camera. In Ukraine.
[© UNICEF/UNI417542/Boyko ]

Svitlana with her eight-year-old son Artem. 

Artem has lived with a disability since birth and requires a wheelchair to get around.  

But now, thanks to an eye-tracking device provided by UNICEF, the youngster from Brovary in Ukraine’s Kyiv region is learning to express his thoughts and even looking forward to going to school. Using the eye-tracker, Artem is able to navigate and control a computer with his eyes. The movement of other muscles is not required.  

 "Our class teacher is waiting for us,” says Svitlana. “We are very excited about it.” 

South Africa 

Three boys in grey and white school uniforms sitting at a desk in a classroom with their hands fling around each others necks smile for the camera. In South Africa.
[© UNICEF/UN0752577/S.Moultrie (Slingshot Media) ]

Grade 3 learners Simphiwe Mkhize, Ngcobo Sbongakonke and Dlamini Asiphile pose for a photo at the UNICEF-supported reading program, REAL SA (Reading and Leadership Strengthening in South African Schools for Learning) in Tholisu Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal.  The program is meant to support the Department of Education in managing the impact the pandemic had on education. 


A girl sits at a desk in a classroom with others behind her. She is raising her hand and smiling while wearing traditional Peruvian headband.
[© UNICEF/UN0751501/Romani ]

A child smiles as she answers a question in class in Ucayali, Peru. Around 150,000 children and adolescents live in the Ucayali region. All sharing the same dreams, goals and desire to get ahead. UNICEF will continue working with regional authorities so that families, schools and communities have spaces and schools that welcome and protect children and adolescents; and guarantee equal opportunities.   


A boy uses his hands to create a square photo sign. He is in a classroom setting standing next to bulletin board with many colourful sheets pinned on it. He is wearing a white uniform shirt. In Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh.
[© UNICEF/UNI407830/Mawa]

Rohomatullah, 12, a Rohingya refugee boy stands in his classroom in front of the study charts, and poses for a portrait at a learning centre in the Rohingya refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Rohomatullah attended the One Minute's Jr. Workshop and learned how to film and edit videos. He crafted a heartwarming one-minute film titled 'My School,' shedding light on his unwavering love for school and the pursuit of knowledge.   

Give the gift of education. Change children’s lives by sending them to school and providing essential learning supplies.