Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the geographical regions where UNICEF is currently running programs for children in need. On this page, you will find more information on UNICEF’s work.

Some back-to-school smiles from children around the world as classes start in Canada again.


As we celebrate World Humanitarian Day, UNICEF Canada celebrate six female workers from Sudan making a difference in their communities.


A mother narrates her tail of fleeing Sudan amidst the conflict.


A health centre in this Ethiopian village is tackling maternal malnutrition through supplements provided by UNICEF and partners, leading to improved nutrition in pregnant women and chances of a safe delivery and healthy, happy babies and mothers.


UNICEF’s latest State of the World’s Children Report states 1 in 5 children are unvaccinated, leaving them vulnerable to a range of vaccine-preventable diseases.


16-year-old Kafia Noor seizes the chance of an education to escape the ordeal of displacement.


On World Humanitarian Day we celebrate all the humanitarian workers who ensure children around the world are supported, so that they can thrive.


The story of 13-year-old Enat, who was forced to leave school and marry a stranger to help her family cope with the drought in Ethiopia.


Schools in Puntland are changing lives and perceptions through education


World Water Day is March 22. This is a day to acknowledge the right to water as a life-saving necessity. Find out more about the importance of safe water for children.