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Category : Advocacy

Advocacy is one of UNICEF’s main programs. On this page, you will find more information about current and past UNICEF projects, child stories and ways you can get involved.

Warm Up for Winter with UNICEF Market

Posted by: UNICEF Canada November 8, 2018

Winter is coming (even if we might want to pretend that it’s not) but UNICEF Canada has plenty of ways to make your home warm and inviting throughout the colder months. Read more »


Falling for (Sustainable) Fall Fashion

Posted by: UNICEF Canada November 2, 2018

Temperatures might be dropping but UNICEF Market by UNICEF Canada has plenty of cozy and sustainable ways for you to stay warm this fall. Read more »


Shop for a Better World with UNICEF Canada

Posted by: UNICEF Canada October 24, 2018

This holiday season shoppers can help UNICEF Canada protect the world’s most vulnerable children, in addition to supporting local artisans who are working to improve their communities. Read more »


Côte d’Ivoire U-Reporter Jessica Shares Her Experience

Posted by: Guest Author October 19, 2018

For me, being a U-Reporter is a dream opportunity that assures that my opinion doesn’t stay locked away in a closet, but is heard and taken into account at all levels: political, economic, environmental, cultural, in sports, etc. It is also a commitment towards my community. Read more »


UNICEF Cards: "At Play" with Peter Wyse

Posted by: UNICEF Canada September 28, 2018

Ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were two kids with big wonderful dreams. Partnered together at ages seven and nine, their chemistry and commitment to their sport and to each other was storybook. They were playful and charming and real. Champions. Read more »

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Dear Premier-To-Be: An Open Letter from the Youth of Ontario

Posted by: Guest Author June 5, 2018

UNICEF Canada asked Ontario youth what was important to them in this year’s provincial election. This is what Aisling Gogan, 17, had to say: The Canadian government and our elected officials must recognize the importance of listening to youth. We have fresh ideas to be considered and the potential to make a positive impact. Read more »

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Paternal coverage, dollars and sense

Posted by: Scott Watson June 4, 2018

On this Father’s Day, let’s discuss the qualifying condition for celebrating Father’s Day, being a dad. More specifically, let’s discuss how we can do a better job at balancing caregiving in Canada. Dads, we have come a long way, but we can do more. And we can be better supported by insurance programs to help get us there. Read more »

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The Importance of National Health and Fitness Day

Posted by: Scott Watson May 29, 2018

One of Senator Nancy Greene Raine’s most notable legacies is certainly the passage of the National Health and Fitness Day Act that proclaims the first Saturday in June as national health and fitness day. This initiative aims to increase the awareness among Canadians of the significant benefits of physical activity. Read more »

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Dr. Jillian & Jamie Casap’s “On Our Street” introduces kids to poverty, and how to help

Posted by: UNICEF Canada March 1, 2018

Poverty and even homelessness can be an invisible condition— it is not always seen, and even when it is, it is too often ignored. Read more »

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On Pink Shirt Day, it’s not just about wearing pink

Posted by: UNICEF Canada February 26, 2018

Canadian children and youth face a myriad of complex and inter-related environmental factors that shape their opportunities and outcomes. One of the factors that unnecessarily limits their health and educational success is bullying. Pink Shirt Day is a day to spread awareness and practice kindness. Read more »

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