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Fundraising ideas for schools: Raise money for a water pump

By Richard DeLisle

As a result of unsafe drinking water and poor hygiene, nearly 1,000 children under five are dying every day. Children – and particularly girls – are denied their right to education due to the time spent walking to collect water and the lack of private, decent sanitation facilities in schools.

A water pump is able to provide abundant, life-giving water for an entire community. Abundant local water means girls who typically cannot attend school because they must collect water for their family will have the opportunity for an education that will change their lives. The deep well water pumps supply clean drinking water and water for cleaning and hygiene.

Holding a fundraiser for a water pump is a wonderful way to rally your students around a worthy cause. With your valuable help, UNICEF is committed to ensuring that all children gain access to clean water and improved sanitation.

There are plenty of creative ways you can raise money for a UNICEF water pump at your school or in your community. Here are a few fundraising ideas to inspire you:

Water Cooler Collection

Ask staff, students, or friends to contribute $1 every time they drink a glass of water they would normally access for free.

Water Carry

Challenge classes or teams to carry a jug of water with them throughout the day and on their journey to/from school. A pledge could be made for every hour the water is carried.

Walk for Water

Hold a walk to symbolize the long distances children walk for clean water. Walk to a nearby water source with your students (a fountain, lake, etc.) and carry a jug of water back to the school. Donations could be collected based on distance travelled or amount of water collected.

Other Fundraising Options

Hold a community luncheon or pot-luck, plan a ‘Tappy Hour’ fundraiser, or organize silent auctions and raffles with water-related prizes.

At the end of your fundraiser, don’t forget to say thank you to everyone who helped out, participated and donated. These fundraising ideas are only suggestions to help guide an event at your school. How you choose to organize your fundraiser is totally up to you!

If you would like to continue brainstorming ideas or need help planning a successful event, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1 800 567 4483, and we’ll help get you on your way.