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Hurricane Matthew slams Haiti

Yesterday the worst happened. Hurricane Matthew, slammed into the west coast of Haiti with the full force of 230 kph winds. Millions of children could be at risk.

Three major cities are under water. Ten minutes ago we heard that the whole of Southern Haiti has been cut off from the rest of the country after the only bridge leading to the south collapsed.

It’s not going to be easy but we’ll find a way to reach the children trapped in Haiti’s impoverished south. You can count on that.

UNICEF is ready to deliver lifesaving supplies to children and their families in need. Please donate now.

While it’s impossible to know the full extent of the damage, it’s clear that many people will have lost everything -- homes, roads, cattle will all be gone. Children could be injured and afraid.

At this stage, our first priority is safe water and the prevention of epidemics like cholera outbreaks. Emergency supplies like water bladders and chlorination tablets, hygiene kits and mosquito nets, will help keep children safe from disease.

The good news is that all the supplies that we had pre-positioned before the onset of the storm have arrived at their destination. But I’m afraid they aren’t nearly enough. We’ll need to do more to respond to an emergency of this scale. Please donate now.

As I write this the rain is still pounding down on us. My thoughts are with Haiti’s children who are in shelters listening to the same rain. Please help us reach them with lifesaving supplies. Donate now.

Cornelia Walther is Chief of Communications for UNICEF Haiti.