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Year in Review: UNICEF’s Work in 2018

Posted by: UNICEF Canada December 27, 2018

Although we’d love to showcase all of the hard work done by UNICEF staffers, volunteers and partners this year, we’ve only got so much space so join us as we look back at some of our key moments in 2018. Read more »

“I was praying as I walked” Malnutrition in Central African Republic

Posted by: UNICEF December 4, 2018

Prosper carried his emaciated son miles to the nearest clinic in the Central African Republic. That was just the start of their journey. Read more »

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The silent crisis of Eastern Cameroon

Posted by: UNICEF November 16, 2016

Following the civil war, 260,000 Central African refugees found shelter in neighbouring Cameroon including 62% of children, living in very precarious conditions in refugee camps or with host communities. More than 88,000 children are still not in school. Due to a severe shortage of funds, UNICEF and its partners are currently unable to operate a response that would ensure none of them are left behind. Read more »

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Education in emergencies

Posted by: UNICEF January 26, 2016

Children are at the epicentre of today’s global emergencies. Nearly 250 million of them are affected by conflict and millions more face risks from natural hazards and fast-spreading epidemics. A US $2.8 billion appeal being launched by UNICEF aims to reach 43 million children in humanitarian emergencies worldwide. A quarter of the appeal is devoted to education. Read more »


Back to school in Central African Republic

Posted by: Guest Author February 4, 2015

School is the only place where children in Central African Republic feel safe. Seven year old Valerie tells me that when she’s outside playing, she remembers the day her father was shot by a stray bullet... Read more »

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Ten things we’ll remember from 2014

Posted by: UNICEF Canada January 2, 2015

How will you remember 2014? Was it the year of celebrity scandals and civic unrest? For millions of children worldwide, 2014 was a devastating year filled with horror, fear and despair. Here are 10 things we will remember from 2014. Read more »


Drawing helps children cope with trauma in Central African Republic

Posted by: Guest Author June 4, 2014

Children in Central African Republic produce drawings of unspeakable violence – experiences that no child should ever have to go through. Yet sadly, violence and conflict has become part of the daily reality. Read more »

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Education: a crucial step towards peace in Central African Republic

Posted by: Guest Author February 5, 2014

For children trapped in the middle of a conflict, re-starting education is critical. It gives them a sense of normalcy, stability, and a safe space to learn. The safe return of all teachers and students to schools is a crucial step on the road to peace and reconciliation in Central African Republic. Read more »

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Injured by bullets, children fight to survive in Central African Republic

Posted by: Guest Author January 14, 2014

What is more shocking than the anguish and pain that these children have been through is that many seem to have been deliberately targeted, although there are others at the hospital who were injured by stray bullets. Read more »

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Looking Back at 2013 to Move Forward

Posted by: Guest Author January 7, 2014

As we reflect on 2013, let's examine the emergencies facing children in 2014. Read more »

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