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Although the world has made dramatic progress in reducing global rates of under-five child mortality, newborn deaths have declined at a slower pace. Find out what UNICEF is doing to help children survive.

In Sierra Leone, all children living with HIV can be enrolled in antiretroviral treatment free of charge. At the HAPPY Kids and Adolescents centre, kids get the support to lead happy and healthy lives.

UNICEF is on the ground urgently responding to the needs of displaced families affected by the flooding and landslides in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown which have killed several hundred people including at least 109 children.

Every child deserves the opportunity to play, laugh and learn; to explore and grow in a world that nurtures them. Tragically, UNICEF estimates that tens of thousands of boys and girls under the age of 18 are used in conflicts worldwide. We recognize February 12 as International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers - to ensure a better, safer future for every child.

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