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Tag : World AIDS Day

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Teens living with HIV: Together we are louder, together we are heard

Posted by: UNICEF Canada November 22, 2018

For a majority of people, HIV was equal to AIDS. Yet Yana Panfilova’s – an HIV positive teen activist – mother, who organized support groups for HIV-positive children, made her realize that HIV doesn’t kill. Ignorance does. Read more »

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Preventing HIV and AIDs

Posted by: Guest Author November 22, 2018

HIV prevention among adolescent girls and young women is one of the main priority areas of UNICEF’s HIV and AIDS programme. The urgent need to do better for this neglected yet vulnerable population is clear: Every hour, 30 adolescents between the ages of 15 and 19 are newly infected with HIV, and most of them are girls. Read more »


For every child, health: HIV Support for children in Sierra Leone

Posted by: UNICEF December 1, 2017

In Sierra Leone, all children living with HIV can be enrolled in antiretroviral treatment free of charge. At the HAPPY Kids and Adolescents centre, kids get the support to lead happy and healthy lives. Read more »

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I could not stand idly by - A powerful story for World AIDS Day

Posted by: Guest Author November 30, 2015

Mani Djelassem Virgille is a brave young woman, advocating for children living with HIV. We share her story for World AIDS Day. Read more »

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