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UNICEF Canada helps integrate children’s rights into companies’ existing corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives and programs while ensuring benefits for business. Addressing children’s rights enhances organizational reputation, better manages risk, and motivates workforces, while playing a part in saving children’s lives.


Governments contribute an enabling and sustainable environment for both businesses and children.


Businesses have direct and indirect impacts on children’s lives through their decisions and operations.

Civil Society

Civil society can influence business impacts on children through community organizations, associations, consultancies, academia, and the media.

All business should:

  1. Meet their responsibility to respect children’s rights and commit to supporting the human rights of children
  2. Contribute to the elimination of child labour, including in all business activities and business relationships
  3. Provide decent work for young workers, parents and caregivers
  4. Ensure the protection and safety of children in all business activities and facilities
  5. Ensure that products and services are safe and seek to support children’s rights through them
  6. Use marketing and advertising that respect and support children’s rights
  7. Respect and support children’s rights in relation to the environment and to land acquisition and use
  8. Respect and support children’s rights in security arrangements
  9. Help protect children affected by emergencies
  10. Reinforce community and government efforts to protect and fulfill children’s rights

Collaboration in action


Canadian mining and energy company Sherritt is integrating children's rights into its:

  • Policies and codes of conduct
  • Risk assessment processes
  • Training for staff, subcontractors and suppliers
  • Support for UNICEF child protection programs


UNICEF in Canada and globally is engaging the extractive sector through:

  • Global pilot projects and guidance
  • Individual initiatives with companies, associations and consultancies
  • Sector-wide awareness through working groups and events