We do more than little orange trick-or-treat boxes. A LOT more.

Most Canadians were introduced to UNICEF as kids through the classic orange cardboard Halloween boxes. 50 years and 90 million dollars later, the tradition came to an end in 2006. That does not mean we stopped helping--in fact, we’re doing even more these days! Just take a look at our Survival Gifts – you can help give children the gift of a brighter future.


The UNICEF body is made up of 4 parts: the brains, the voice(s), the muscle, and the heart.

When you think about or see UNICEF’s work around the world, it’s often the heart of what we do—our Country Offices delivering life-saving treatments, water and other supplies during emergencies and other projects. There are a few other important parts of the UNICEF body that make sure that we’re always doing what we can #foreverychild:

The brains: We have an amazing team of data and research staff in Florence, Italy at the UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti —housed in a former orphanage—who produce the vital information that provides the reasons why we need to do what we do every day.

The muscle: In Copenhagen, Denmark, UNICEF Supply Division is where emergency and other types of supplies, such as food supplements, vaccines and water purification tablets, are kept. The first step in UNICEF’s emergency response procedure is to call on the warehouse to deliver the tools and products needed to deliver life-saving treatments to the kids that need them.

The voices: UNICEF’s work is carried out through 34 National Committees, such as UNICEF Canada, which provide a voice, a perspective, and much-needed funds for UNICEF’s work around the world to people wanting to know more. Together, these voices make a pretty awesome collective that tell people everywhere about how important children are to our world.

We have an Olympian, a former Miss Canada International, and a Prima Ballerina on our side.

You probably already know of UNICEF Global Ambassadors like Ewan McGregor and David Beckham. But here in Canada, we have our own roster of celebrity ambassadors! Karina LeBlanc won bronze in the 2012 London Olympic Games and took part in four FIFA Women’s World Cups. Solange Tuyishime was crowned Miss Canada International 2006 and Miss Galaxy Canada 2011. Veronica Tennant was a Prima Ballerina with The National Ballet of Canada for 25 years. There are so many more!

Nostalgia alert! Sharon, Lois and Bram, beloved child entertainers, were once UNICEF Canada Ambassadors. Here's a throwback to 1988 when they helped us promote National UNICEF Day--with the orange boxes, of course.

We support children in Canada, too.

Many people think UNICEF’s work is only geared towards children in other more vulnerable parts of the world, but we’re also on a mission to advance the human rights of ALL children, including Canadian kids. In Canada, we work to bring the issues and concerns of children to the attention of the government and others who influence and develop policy, law and practice. We work with civil society and the private sector to ensure children are high on the agenda of decision makers. We look for innovative ways to promote the rights of children in Canada. Why? Because we’re committed to reaching and helping all children, everywhere—that means Canada, too.


YOU make our work possible!

The only reason we can do anything at all for children around the world is YOU. In 2017, Canadians helped us to respond to 337 humanitarian emergencies in 102 countries, provided 8.8 million kids with basic education and 32.7 million people with safe water, among many other milestones. It’s amazing what can happen when everyone does their part to help—and makes a big impact on people they will never meet. It keeps us going every day, and we hope it does the same for you.

Are you part of the UNICEF family? Join us and share your talents with the world, whether it be for advocating for children's rights, a monthly gift, starting a Campus Club, buying a Survival Gift, hosting an event or helping out in an emergency!