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Ending Child Labour at Every Step of the Supply Chain

Posted by: UNICEF Canada January 11, 2019

Millions of children around the world are trapped in child labour, depriving them of their childhood, their health and education, and condemning them to a life of poverty and want. Of course, there is work that children do to help their families in ways that are neither harmful nor exploitative. But many children are stuck in unacceptable work for children – a serious violation of their rights. Read more »


Ten things you didn’t know about child labour

Posted by: UNICEF Canada June 12, 2016

June 12 is the World Day Against Child Labour. Today, and every day, we stand for children’s rights – tirelessly working to protect children from dangerous work. Empower yourself with knowledge and join the fight. Read more »


Shining a light on child labour

Posted by: Guest Author June 12, 2014

On World Day Against Child Labour, discover what is being done to help bring 168 million children out of darkness. Read more »


Take a Stand! It’s World Day Against Child Labour

Posted by: Emily McNally June 12, 2012

Instead of going to school, child labourers in Democratic Republic of the Congo work long hours sifting through gravel in search of precious stones. Read more »

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Help for Hard to Reach Urban Working Children

Posted by: UNICEF Canada March 6, 2012

March 8th is International Women's Day. The day we celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of women around the world. Today, we would like to introduce you to Saima. Saima is one of the millions of young girls around the globe who work to help support their families. She is only 7 years old. Read more »

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