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Racism and violence damage children, leaving deep and lasting scars. Here are five things you and your family can do now to help create a more just society.


COVID-19 is bringing a new threat to already battered countries – and makes delivering life-saving assistance even harder.


Gers – a traditional Mongolian yurt – rely on coal stoves for heating and cooking. To help combat pollution in Mongolia, UNICEF is working on new methods of energy efficiency and indoor air quality. So far, 200 chimneys have already been replaced but there’s many more to go.


In camps for internally displaced people in Herat, Afganistan, UNICEF is on the ground supporting children and their families.


UNICEF has always stood by children through crisis and disease.


No child is too far for UNICEF staff - who are hard at work ensuring that every child has the right to routine immunizations, and good health.


David shares his thoughts on the future - and next steps - as our understanding of COVID-19 continues to develop.


Vaccines can prevent disease outbreaks now and in the future. No child is too far for health workers to go, to ensure that every child in their community has the right to good health.


April 5-11 is recognized every year as World Health Worker Week and this year in particular, we wanted to recognize the efforts of just some of the millions of health care workers around the world, who – despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak – are hard at work to ensure children receive the vital care they need.


It's a tough time to be a kid. As the pandemic wears on, it is not just the Easter Bunny who must be declared an essential service. Children need child protection workers and safe community spaces – these should be the first to emerge from lockdown, in every part of Canada.