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UNICEF Cards: 6 questions with Gerard Paraghamian

Posted by: UNICEF Canada December 12, 2017

Gérard Paraghamian has established a well-earned reputation as one of the most talented and innovative illustrators in commercial art today. We had the pleasure of chatting with him about travel, his inspirations and what UNICEF means to him. Read more »

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UNICEF Cards: 6 questions with Angie Rees

Posted by: June Findlay November 30, 2017

Angie Rees is an artist currently living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Angie has been donating her art to UNICEF Canada’s Water For Life Gala for many years, but 2017 is the first year that we’re happy to welcome Angie as an official UNICEF Cards artist. She spoke with us about her inspirations, art and her wishes for the holiday season. Read more »

UNICEF Cards: 9 Questions with Briar Emond

Posted by: June Findlay November 1, 2017

UNICEF Cards artist Briar Emond talks to us about the connection between mathematics and art, how paint pouring is a way to bring people together, and what UNICEF means to her. Read more »

UNICEF Cards: 10 Questions with Peter Wyse

Posted by: June Findlay October 25, 2017

Artist, avid mountain biker, proud father and UNICEF partner Peter Wyse talked with us about nature, his passion for art, and the best advice he got from his dad. Read more »

10 questions with Katerina Mertikas (Patrinos)

Posted by: June Findlay October 18, 2017

Katerina Mertikas, an artist who has partnered and made cards with UNICEF Canada for many years, talks to us about life, art, family and her journey to Canada. Read more »

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