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Education is one of UNICEF’s main programs. On this page, you will find more information about current and past UNICEF projects, child stories and ways you can get involved.

To help with your baby and toddler's development, UNICEF has compiled safe and fun activities that can be done at home - for children ages 0-8.


In South Sudan, UNICEF community staff are hard at work, raising awareness of COVID-19, as well as how people can protect themselves and their families.


From doing laundry to preparing meals — here are simple, every day measures to help protect your family.


Parenting is an important - but not always easy - job. For many parents and caregivers, the new (temporary) normal that is life under COVID-19 may be even more challenging; with schools closed and routines changed, many families are now spending most of their days together.


Vietnamese parents are grappling with mixed emotions as they work with the new normal pf parenting during the coronavirus pandemic.


U-Report is a tool used by millions of young people all around the world. To help curb the spread of misinformation about COVID-19, U-Report has become an important means of transmitting information.


Luka is eight years old and in the second grade. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, his school has had to close, to help protect him and his community. However his parents are ensuring he continues his schooling, even from home.


Tips for having age appropriate discussions to reassure children and help them keep themselves and their families safe.


Xiaoyu is an eleventh grader who lives in Beijing, China. Since the beginning of the spring semester, in February 2020, she is one of the millions of primary and secondary students in China relying on online or televised learning to continue her education during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dr. Lisa Damour – psychologist, New York Times columnist and mom of two – provides advice for parents on how to help your children deal with the many emotions they may be experiencing as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.