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Geographic Region : North America

North America is one of the geographical regions where UNICEF is currently running programs for children in need. On this page, you will find more information on UNICEF’s work.

Five things to know about the Global Compact for Migration

Posted by: UNICEF Canada December 7, 2018

There has been a lot of ongoing debates lately around migration. But why is it on the news and what is the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration everyone is talking about? What does it mean for children refugees and migrants, and their rights and protection? Here are five things you need to know about what is happening in Marrakech this week. Read more »

Shopping for Good (and For You)

Posted by: UNICEF Canada November 30, 2018

Fair trade and ethical shopping aren’t just buzzwords – they’re an important way to ensure that you’re getting well-made products, which were created in safe and humane working environments. Read more »


Finally! A social policy “thermometer” to measure our kids’ wellbeing

Posted by: Guest Author November 26, 2018

When your baby has a fever, you reach for a thermometer. The Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being is designed to function like a social policy “thermometer" - to measure and communicate how well Canadian children and youth are actually doing, as opposed to how well we think they are doing. Read more »

Geographic Regions:

Go Blue for Black Friday

Posted by: UNICEF Canada November 23, 2018

Why brave the cold and the crowds when UNICEF Market has thousands of products – all available at the click of a button? Read more »

Geographic Regions:

Gifting From the Heart (With Your Budget In Mind)

Posted by: UNICEF Canada November 16, 2018

Giving a gift that your friends and family members will love doesn’t always have to come with a big price tag attached. If you gift from the heart, always keeping the recipient in mind, you’re sure to wow them. Read more »


Warm Up for Winter with UNICEF Market

Posted by: UNICEF Canada November 8, 2018

Winter is coming (even if we might want to pretend that it’s not) but UNICEF Canada has plenty of ways to make your home warm and inviting throughout the colder months. Read more »


Falling for (Sustainable) Fall Fashion

Posted by: UNICEF Canada November 2, 2018

Temperatures might be dropping but UNICEF Market by UNICEF Canada has plenty of cozy and sustainable ways for you to stay warm this fall. Read more »


Shop for a Better World with UNICEF Canada

Posted by: UNICEF Canada October 24, 2018

This holiday season shoppers can help UNICEF Canada protect the world’s most vulnerable children, in addition to supporting local artisans who are working to improve their communities. Read more »


Côte d’Ivoire U-Reporter Jessica Shares Her Experience

Posted by: Guest Author October 19, 2018

For me, being a U-Reporter is a dream opportunity that assures that my opinion doesn’t stay locked away in a closet, but is heard and taken into account at all levels: political, economic, environmental, cultural, in sports, etc. It is also a commitment towards my community. Read more »

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