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North America is one of the geographical regions where UNICEF is currently running programs for children in need. On this page, you will find more information on UNICEF’s work.

An FAQ on how to nourish your child, based on the current expert guidance.


How parents can help their children navigate their feelings and protect their mental health during school reopenings.


Young people are speaking out on the issues that matter most to them and finding innovative ways to create meaningful change.


Dr. Sandra Chapman, educator and founder of Chap Equity, on teaching kids how to talk about race and racism, feel the pain and anger they cause and take action.

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Much of the public discussion around new contact tracing apps has focused on privacy concerns, and with good reason. However, one group of potential app users deserves special consideration: children and youth

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Every child is unique. The way they are coping with the impacts of coronavirus is no different.


UNICEF has been supporting Safa, a Syrian refugee girl, since 2014. Abedelmajeed El-Noaimi, a Communications Specialist with UNICEF Jordan shares his experiences with Safa over the past 6 years.


A psychologist's advice for parents on helping your children process loss and grief during the coronavirus pandemic.

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How to start important conversations about racial injustice, implicit bias and how to be an ally - and keep them going.


"At UNICEF Canada, we will take steps to be part of the work of building a better society, both through a redoubling of our efforts in the world as well as ensuring we have an anti-racist workplace."