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Tag : Hurricane Matthew

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Supporting Haiti During and After the Crisis

Posted by: UNICEF November 16, 2016

Twelve sick babies are fighting for their lives in a cramped hospital room in Jérémie, in the south of Haiti. Five nights ago, heavy rains flooded the pediatric department. The nurse had just enough time to take the babies out of their incubators and transfer them, through the rain, to the hallway of an adjoining building. Read more »


Hurricane Matthew’s blow

Posted by: UNICEF November 4, 2016

In October 2016, at least 100,000 children under the age of five at risk as access to food worsens in the areas worst hit by Hurricane Matthew. Read more »


Critical supplies land in Haiti

Posted by: UNICEF October 24, 2016

This morning at 8:10 am local time a large cargo plane arrived from Copenhagen – filled with 100 metric tons of live-saving supplies. The flight was donated by UNICEF’s corporate partner, the UPS Foundation. A generous gift to the ongoing operation on the ground. Despite pouring rain which darkened the sky above the capital this is joyous occasion that brightens everybody’s day. Read more »


A Day in the Sign of Water

Posted by: UNICEF October 13, 2016

The day starts with clean water and concludes with clean water. Together with NGO partner ACTED we visit two of the 25 emergency shelters where some of the families whose homes have been destroyed by Matthew found refuge. An average of 250 to 500 people stay in each location, cohabitating on very little space. Ensuring clean water and appropriate hygiene conditions is more crucial than ever to avoid epidemics. Read more »


Surviving Hurricane Matthew

Posted by: UNICEF October 11, 2016

“The roofs and tree branches flew away. Water started coming in, things were flying everywhere”. Read more »


Hurricane Matthew: Worse than expected

Posted by: UNICEF October 7, 2016

With every hour that passes more information about destruction and death is coming in. Every report is directly linked to the life and future of children in Haiti. Over the course of yesterday, following the eventually intensifying stream of updates from partners on the ground I felt darkness creeping up on me – until I remembered that we are moving forward towards relief for children on the ground. Read more »


"The ocean took everything. It just washed over us.”

Posted by: UNICEF October 11, 2016

This morning, I left this morning for Les Cayes, one of areas in the south worst affected by Hurricane Matthew. Before we hit the road we visited UNICEF's Warehouse in the capital. It is Sunday but the loading of six trucks was well underway when we arrived as the team started at sunrise. Read more »


Hurricane Matthew slams Haiti

Posted by: UNICEF October 5, 2016

Yesterday the worst happened. Hurricane Matthew, slammed into the west coast of Haiti with the full force of 230 kph winds. Millions of children could be at risk. Read more »


Hurricane Matthew poses threat to 6 million children

Posted by: UNICEF October 4, 2016

More than 6 million children may be at risk as the Atlantic’s strongest storm in years makes its way through Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Read more »


Families Trickle into Shelters as Jamaica Braces for Hurricane Matthew

Posted by: UNICEF October 3, 2016

It is a deceptively sunny and mostly dry late Sunday afternoon in St. Thomas – one of the eastern parishes likely to bear the brutal brunt of the Category 4 Hurricane Matthew heading towards Jamaica. Read more »

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