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Global citizens, local actions

Posted by: Guest Author October 4, 2017

Happy National Teacher's Day! Cathy Dee-Brand, a grade 3 teacher at St. Mary's Elementary School in Fort Vermilion, Alberta, talks to us about why she's passionate about global citizenship and how she encourages her students to think of other kids like themselves around the world. Read more »

Education under attack in Borno, Nigeria

Posted by: UNICEF October 5, 2017

The new school year in northeast Nigeria is bittersweet. Education has been one of the biggest causalities of the Boko Haram conflict, with over 3 million children now in need of emergency education support so that they can get back to school and get a decent education. Read more »

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Ordinary heroes: 20 photos of life in the classroom

Posted by: UNICEF Canada August 30, 2017

Children are some of the most resilient people—and in turn, heroes—that live among us, even if all they’re trying to do is learn. Read more »


Five signs of life in Yemen

Posted by: June Findlay August 4, 2017

Years of conflict in Yemen have left 18.8 million people - some 70 per cent of the population - in need of humanitarian assistance. Despite the trauma that many--especially children--are facing, there are signs of hope in the chaos. Read more »

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How Far Would You Go To Sit For Exams?

Posted by: UNICEF July 10, 2017

I was in Grade 8 when I was forced to leave school, after fighting started in my village in eastern rural Aleppo. Read more »

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With education, girls can change the world

Posted by: UNICEF Canada February 22, 2017

Girls can and should grow into future leaders, innovators and educators. Across the world, girls have the potential to create change and inspire progress – if they’re given the chance. These photos demonstrate just how hard it is for many girls to go to school – and what it means when they do. Read more »


The Beginning of Life uncovers ground-breaking research into a child's early years

Posted by: UNICEF February 13, 2017

The Beginning of Life is a ground-breaking feature documentary that explores the impact of a child's early environment on their cognitive, social and emotional development Read more »


UNICEF @ 70: Then and Now

Posted by: UNICEF December 9, 2016

Seventy years ago UNICEF was founded to bring lifesaving aid, long-term support, and hope to children whose lives and futures are put at risk by conflict, by crises, by crushing poverty, and, increasingly, by the effects of climate change. UNICEF’s work for the most disadvantaged, excluded, and vulnerable children has never been more relevant, nor more urgent. Read more »

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