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UNICEF Italy Migrant and Refugee Response Coordinator Anna Riatti shares her experience – and that of her UNICEF Italy colleagues – in helping migrant and refugee children during COVID-19.


Young people in camps for displaced people in Mali are being empowered with information about how to protect themselves and their communities.


How is COVID-19 deepening the migrant crisis in Honduras and creating new dangers and complications for already vulnerable children and families? To learn more about how UNICEF has had to innovate and change course on the ground to deliver support and services, UNICEF USA sat down with Lea Beaudry, UNICEF Child Protection Specialist in Honduras.


In Bangladesh, virtual courts are helping expedite the release of young people from overcrowded detention centres.

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In Ethiopia, COVID-19 has forced many migrants, including children, to return home. Social workers are helping them do so safely.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty to families across the globe. Migrants can be especially vulnerable.


Muna is 10 years old and is one of the many children living in Al Sha’ab camp in Aden, Yemen. Due to COVID-19, her school in the camp is currently closed but she is trying to make the best of her days at home.


UNICEF is calling for immediate transfer of vulnerable children to the Greek mainland, in-line with most recent public health measures and guidelines


A Venezuelan migrant gets a surprise from his classmates in Ecuador.


Venezuela is currently undergoing a devastating economic crisis, leaving 3.2 million children – or 1 in 3 – in need humanitarian assistance. Click through to learn more about the crisis in Venezuela and what you can do to help.