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Child Protection is one of UNICEF’s main programs. On this page, you will find more information about current and past UNICEF projects, child stories and ways you can get involved.

As school doors start to reopen in some countries, what does it look like for students?


An FAQ on how to nourish your child, based on the current expert guidance.


How parents can help their children navigate their feelings and protect their mental health during school reopenings.


In Aleppo, Syria, a joint UNICEF and World Food Program (WFP) venture is helping children like Lamis and her family secure essentials, during COVID-19.


Despite disruptions, social workers, counsellors and helpline workers show courage and commitment.


Human traffickers prey upon children in desperate circumstances who cross borders alone, hoping to find work to support themselves and their families. UNICEF helps them get home safely.


How is COVID-19 deepening the migrant crisis in Honduras and creating new dangers and complications for already vulnerable children and families? To learn more about how UNICEF has had to innovate and change course on the ground to deliver support and services, UNICEF USA sat down with Lea Beaudry, UNICEF Child Protection Specialist in Honduras.


UNICEF has joined forces with soap maker Savonor to make handwashing cheaper and easier for children and families — and in doing so, strengthen the country's first line of defense against COVID-19.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UNICEF is scaling up delivery of health and hygiene supplies benefitting more than 583,000 people in Brazil.


Even without internet access or cell phones, students in remote areas of Ecuador are still learning during COVID-19-related school closures.