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Middle East and North Africa is one of the geographical regions where UNICEF is currently running programs for children in need. On this page, you will find more information on UNICEF’s work.

In Mali, young people are out in their communities dispelling myths about the coronavirus.


While COVID-19 is making the experience of registering each new birth difficult, birth registrars are braving the virus to ensure each newborn is registered.


A new initiative is helping parents and teachers in Pakistan keep children learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Backed by the findings of a new report, UNICEF issues an urgent call for Universal Child Benefits — cash benefits paid to all families with children — to counter the pandemic's economic fallout.


In Ethiopia, COVID-19 has forced many migrants, including children, to return home. Social workers are helping them do so safely.


UNICEF has been supporting Safa, a Syrian refugee girl, since 2014. Abedelmajeed El-Noaimi, a Communications Specialist with UNICEF Jordan shares his experiences with Safa over the past 6 years.


Health workers Fariba and Mohaddeseh share one thing in common as they described their feelings of seeing recovered patients - the sparkle in their eyes and the joy in their voices.


June 12 is the World Day Against Child Labour. Today, and every day, we stand for every child’s right to a childhood – working to protect children from harm, including dangerous and often illegal work. Empower yourself with knowledge and join the fight.


A COVID-19 helpline in Pakistan is providing vital support to communities in need during the pandemic.


COVID-19 is bringing a new threat to already battered countries – and makes delivering life-saving assistance even harder.