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This Canada Day, as we reflect on our country's past and reaffirm our commitment to supporting Indigenous peoples in pursuit for truth and reconciliation, we hear from young people on how they would reimagine Canada.


Maude Audet is a singer-songwriter from Quebec who is crisscrossing the province to share her music and talent with audiences. Through her poetic, catchy and sensitive compositions, Maude awakens the senses and opens minds, and is quickly making her mark on the music scene.

When your baby has a fever, you reach for a thermometer. The Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being is designed to function like a social policy “thermometer" - to measure and communicate how well Canadian children and youth are actually doing, as opposed to how well we think they are doing.

It's easy to think that homelessness isn't a problem in Canada, a "first-world" country. However, it's much closer to home than we think. It's our responsibility to be aware of that and help break down the stigma that surrounds homelessness to increase access to resources for the less fortunate.

One of Senator Nancy Greene Raine’s most notable legacies is certainly the passage of the National Health and Fitness Day Act that proclaims the first Saturday in June as national health and fitness day. This initiative aims to increase the awareness among Canadians of the significant benefits of physical activity.

Research from AllerGen was just released that looks at the relationship between a mom’s stress and a baby’s immune health. The research found that when mothers experienced distress, both during and after pregnancy, their infants were three times as likely to have reduced immune function (lower levels of an important immune antibody in the infant’s gut). The research also found that breastfeeding can help protect babies from the effects of maternal stress on their immune system.

Poverty and even homelessness can be an invisible condition— it is not always seen, and even when it is, it is too often ignored.

Canadian children and youth face a myriad of complex and inter-related environmental factors that shape their opportunities and outcomes. One of the factors that unnecessarily limits their health and educational success is bullying. Pink Shirt Day is a day to spread awareness and practice kindness.

Are you a young person living in Canada? One Youth is looking for children and young people to share their personal story, good or bad, on growing up in Canada and how it has affected their life.

The Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition is a global charity event hosted by Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation in support of UNICEF Canada. The event aims to raise awareness for vulnerable children, provide a platform to help and give them a better future and promote cultural and artistic exchange among children and youth globally.