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As we celebrate World Humanitarian Day, UNICEF Canada celebrate six female workers from Sudan making a difference in their communities.


A health centre in this Ethiopian village is tackling maternal malnutrition through supplements provided by UNICEF and partners, leading to improved nutrition in pregnant women and chances of a safe delivery and healthy, happy babies and mothers.


To end the year with a note of gratitude, here are five stories of hope from around the world – showing us how one small intervention can impact the lives and futures of children.


Aminata and her team use a ready-to-use therapeutic food called ‘Plumpy’Nut’ to treat the children. It comes in small sachets that cost about US$0.35 each. Malnourished children must take two sachets per day until they gain enough weight to overcome malnutrition. UNICEF is providing 80 per cent of the Plumpy’Nut needed to treat acutely malnourished children in the country.


Families want to feed their children the nutritious food they need to grow up healthy. But there are big barriers to doing so.


The holidays are fast approaching, which means last-minute gift shoppers are urgently searching for that special something to give to friends, family or that special someone. In the spirit of the season, UNICEF Canada offers this holiday rescue guide; our top 6 meaningful gifts that will help children in need this season.


Children living in storm-affected areas face worsening food insecurity and nutrition crisis. The impact of two cyclones hitting Mozambique in one season was devastating and unprecedented; however, it is only now that the residual effects of the disaster are really beginning to be felt.


This Valentine’s Day, give a gift that shares the love. UNICEF Canada has five unique gift-giving suggestions that make great alternatives to the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts.


In 2018, UNICEF reached almost all corners of the globe – 190 countries to be exact – to help save children’s lives. We have chosen five stories of success to show how generous support from our donors paired with tireless work from UNICEF staff, volunteers and partners are truly making a difference, for every child.

Prosper carried his emaciated son miles to the nearest clinic in the Central African Republic. That was just the start of their journey.